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Vitex agnus-castus Uses, Health Benefits and Side Effects

Vitex agnus-castus used for Skin Problems such as eczema, ringworms, scabies and many more...(more)

What is Vitex Vitex agnus-castus is widely popular for its citrus scent and flavor...used as herbal remedy for skins infections ....(more)
acne medicine

Vitex agnus-castus Herbal Preparation is very easy and practical, follow these steps...(more)

Vitex agnus-castus used as insect repellant. Used in India and other Asian countries for its ability to repel insects, bugs and even snakes...(more)

Vitex scientific studies. Studies conducted in animals have shown its effectiveness in lowering blood sugar, inflammation ..(more)

What is Vitex agnus-castus

Scientific Name: Agnus Castus

also called

Chaste Tree,
Chaste berry,
Abraham's Balm
Monk's Pepper,

Vitex agtnus-castus is a shrub in the verbena family native to Mediterranean, west Asia and southwestern Europe. It was introduced throughout Europe at an early date and is naturalized in United States. The fruits are grown commercially in Europe.

The chaste tree is a sprawling plant that grows about 3 to 6 meters in height and about as wide. Flower clusters bloom in late spring and early summer. Flower color ranges from violet to blue to deep purple

The leaves are 7 to 10 cm in diameter and palmately compound with 5 to 7 fingerlike leaflets. the foliage is aromatic and is typically grey-green to dark green above and lighter on the undersides.

The fruit contains four seeds that are sometimes used as seasoning, similar to black pepper.

Vitex agnus-castus , health Benefits

Vitex agnus-castus (chaste berry) is a popular herbal medicine that has been used for centuries for hormonal imbalances in women.

Early writings by Hippocrates (460-377 B.C.) wrote, "If blood flows from the womb, let the woman drink dark wine in which the leaves of the vitex have been steeped." Its use for gynecological conditions is also noted in the works of Pliny (A.D. 23-79): "The trees furnish medicines that promote urine and menstruation." .

The ancient Greek physicians reported its use in suppressing the libido. Using medicines similar to modern indications, they recommended it as an aid in external wound heeling, complaints of the spleen, and for use in child birth.

The English have used Vitex or Chaste berry to suppress the libido as did the Catholic Church, which had it placed in the pockets of neophyte monks to help in their vow of chastity.

In the late 1800s American physicians used a tincture of the fresh berries to increase milk lactation and treat menstrual disorders However, there is no contemporary scientific literature to suggest that Vitex or Chaste Berry actually does suppress the libido.


Vitex agnus-castus , herbal medicine preparation

Most European clinical studies have been done on a proprietary extract (tincture) and capsules called Agnolyt. In the United States the dried fruit is available in whole or pulverized form, capsules, tinctures, tablets, and other preparations

Vitex capsules maybe available in your regular Health care stores. For online search, provides a wide selection of Vitex Agnus Castus products with corresponding description and customer reviews. It is suggested to consider products that have favorable reviews.


Vitex agnus-castus side effects and warnings

Do not use vitex if you are pregnant or receiving hormone replacement therapy. Rare side effects include early menstruation following delivery (resulting from activation of the pituitary), as well as rare cases of itching, rashes, and gastrointestinal symptoms. In clinical trials, side effects have been reported in fewer than 2 percent of patients


Vitex other uses

Culinary and Food Preparation

Vitex is widely popular as spice for various culinary and food preparations. Vitex is popular for its citrus flavor which is widely used in a variety of Asian Cuisines.

Insect and Snake Repellant

Vitex is known for its ability to repel insects and bugs. It is also used in India as a snake repellant. Vitex is planted around the house or onto window sills.

Cosmetics, Fragrances

Vitex oil has a fruity citrus scent that is widely used as fragrances for soaps, moisturizers, cleansers and deodorants.


Vitex scientific studies

During the past forty years, research has focused on the use of vitex for premenstrual syndrome (PMS) and menstrual difficulties. The biological activity cannot be attributed to a single chemical ingredient, though flavonoids are major components.

Between 5 and 30 percent of women may be affected by PMS. A 1992 survey of German gynecologists evaluated the effect of a vitex preparation on 1,542 women diagnosed with PMS. Both physicians and patients assessed effectiveness, with 90 percent reporting relief of symptoms after treatment averaging 25.3 days.

In one clinical drug-monitoring study on the effectiveness and safety of long-term treatment with a vitex fruit tincture, 1,571 women with menstrual disorders and PMS were followed for a period of seven days to six years (average 147.6 days). In 90 percent of patients, the treatment eliminated or alleviated symptoms of PMS.

German health authorities allow vitex preparations for disorders of the menstrual cycle, pressure and swelling in the breasts, and PMS. In Germany, vitex preparations are frequently used in the safe and effective treatment of PMS, heavy or too frequent periods, acyclic bleeding, infertility, suppressed menses, and other conditions. Vitex is an excellent example of an herbal medicine which serves as a low-priced tool in European gynecological practice, rather than as an " alternative" to conventional treatment.


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