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Home remedy for lower back pain, In general, lower back pain relief can be achieved and prevented with lifestyle changes...(more)

Benefits of exercise for backpain Well toned muscles provides better support and may prevent back pain attack.. ..(more)
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TaiChi for Treatment of Lower Back pain Relief Exercise provides strength and support to the lower back thus helping releive lower back pain.
Yoga Theraphy for Back Pain TreatmentYoga promotes good body posture that is beneficial to prevent lower back pain.
Relaxation Theraphy for Back Pain Treatmentbeing calm and relaxed may help manage lower back pain.

Home remedy for lower back pain Treatment

Home remedy suggestions for lower back pain relief. In general, lower back pain relief can be achieved and prevented with lifestyle changes.

  • Lower back pain relief can be achieved by maintaining a healthy weight. The lower back supports the weight of the body, excess weight puts pressure to the spine and can cause lower back pain.
  • Good posture can help bring lower back pain relief. When standing, distribute your weight to both of your legs, and don’t slouch. Bad body posture contributes ot lower back pain.
  • Learn to bend and lift properly to prevent lower back pain. When lifting or reaching try to bend your legs and use your thigh muscle to lift objects, maintain a solid footing and avoid twisting.
  • Sleep on a firm mattress to help you achieve lower back pain relief. Invest in waterbed if you might, this gives better back support.
  • Sit in supportive chairs to help releive lower back pain. Provide sufficient lower back support. You can also use a supportive pillow (lumbar pillow) to maintain good sitting posture. This will give you better lower back pain relief
  • Avoid wearing high shoes; this strain your lower back that can cause pain. Use comfortable flat shoes to give you better balance and stability. With this you will have better chances of having lower back pain relief.
  • Apply ice to releive lower back pain. When pain killers are not advisable, Apply an ice pack to the lower back for 20 minutes, then remove for 10 minutes, repeat as necessary until the pain subsides, This will give you back pain relief.

exercise for back pain relief and Treatment

Exercise to strengthen your muscles. Well toned muscles provides better lower back support and may prevent lower back pain attack. To exercise, do a combination of light stretching and walking, swimming or cycling. Avoid exercises that pounds, jars, or sudden twisting of the back. Maintain a regular exercise schedule 3 - 5 days a week with 30 minutes workout.

Tai chi for lower back pain relief

Tai Chi is a low impact, no sweat exercise and is found to be effective in providing lower back pain relief. It is found to be beneficial to sufferers of lower back pain. The slow fluid movements of Tai Chi can provide the needed work out without putting too much strain to the back. In a study conducted to 51 people complaining of back pain, a group was ordered to practice Tai Chi and the other to continue the usual back-car program. After six weeks into the program, those who have practiced Tai Chi reported a significant reduction in lower back pain

Yoga for back pain Releif and Treatment

Good body posture is vital in avoiding and providing lower back pain relief. Different yoga postures can help people with low back pains. Among the various yoga styles, lyengar yoga is the best choice for low back pain. Certified lyengar instructors learn how to adapt yoga postures to provide maximum benefit and minimum harm to people with lower back pains.

Relaxation theraphy for back pain Releive and Treatment

Relaxation may help manage lower back pain. By keeping your self-calm, may actually help in treating and relieving your lower back pain. Stress is a factor to be considered for back pain. Relaxation techniques such as biofeedback, meditation, visualization, self massage or music therapy may help.

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