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Treatment of Glaucoma

It is strongly advised that you should not try to treat glaucoma by your own. Consult your ophtalmologist if you suspect that there is something wrong with your eyes. The alternative remedies given here were only suggested to supplement and complement the medical advice of your doctor. Let your doctor know what alternative therapy you are in and follow his advice.

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There were medical reports that allergy can be a triggering factor for glaucoma. Although there is no sufficient study made on the association of allergy and glaucoma, it will do no harm to avoid any allergens that may trigger allergy. It is best to consult an eye doctor if you suspect you have glaucoma and an allergy.Try to eat less protein and other fatty acids and shift towards a largely vegetarian diet. In a study made about the eating habits of people with eye problems, researchers has found out that majority eat meat and dairy products. Although this is not scientifically conclusive but there is a higher risk of developing eye problems for diet rich in protein.

There is evidence that vegetarian diet will help in weight reduction, reduce the risk of arteriosclerotic vascular disease,lower blood pressure, reduce the incidence of diabetes and improve blood flow to the eye.

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Take Vitamin C to see. Vitamin C is very important in maintaining the integrity of collagen in our eyes. Collagen is a protein found in the tubes of our eye that drains the fluid. It has shown that sufficient intake of vitamin C lowers the fluid pressure in the eye. It is recommended to take vitamin C to bowel tolerance limit, this is to progressively increase the vitamin C intake until the bowel becomes loose or there is abdominal pain.

Build up some chromium. Chromium helps the eye's muscles to focus closely into objects. When our bodies have low level of chromium, the body compensate by increasing the pressure in the eye. It is recommended that an intake of chromium 200 micrograms per day is sufficient.

Flavonoid rutin was reported to increase the effectiveness of conventional medication in people with glaucoma. The amount used-20 mg three times per day-was quite moderate. In that study, 17 of 26 eyes with glaucoma showed clear improvement. Modern research on the effects of rutin or other flavonoids in people with glaucoma is lacking.

Melatonin supplement taken 0.5 mg per day indicated a lowered intraocular pressure of healthy people, but there is no sufficient study on the effects of malatonin to people with glaucoma

Magnesium intake can dilate blood vessels. In a clinical study, participants were given 245 mg of magnesium per day to improve the blood flow in the eyes. Vision improvement was noted after four weeks. However, the results were not statistically conclusive to establish the use of magnesium in treating glaucoma.

Alpha lipoic acid (150 mg per day for one month) improves visual function in people with some types of glaucoma.

recommended Exercise for glaucoma

Aerobic exercise has been shown to reduce mean intraocular pressure by 4.6 mm Hg when compared to previously sedentary glaucoma patients. This has the same result as the pressure lowering properties of glaucoma medication.Exercises should be made with supervision from your doctor. The ideal exercise program is to incrementally increase physical activity without producing undue fatigue. You may begin with 10 to 15 minute several times a week. This should gradually be increased to 30 minutes of moderate exercise everyday. General guidelines are to exercise at 60% of maximum heart rate. To calculate this number, subtract your age from 220. This number is your maximum heart rate. 60% of this number will be your target heart rate. During exercise be sure to monitor your heart rate. Example: Let say your age is 60.
1. Calculate your maximum heart rate: 220-60 is 160.
2. Next calculate your target heart rate: 60% of 160 is 96A heart rate of 96 is therefore your goal when you exercise.Find something that you enjoy and remember to continue your program. Brisk walking is a favorite activity of many people. Other exercise to consider is swimming, aerobics, and cycling. If you are physically limited consult with your doctor on other activities.

Moderate exercise improves cardiovascular system, helps keep off extra pounds, lowers cholesterol, reduces high blood pressure and improves retinal circulation. Exercise also helps to improve mental outlook and reduces stress.

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Ginko biloba is a popular herb used for its many health benefits including blood flow improvement, treatment for memory loss and dementia.

Ginseng is an herbal medicine used as health tonic for the entire body with health benefits for the brain, heart, reproduction and many others.