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For years, it has been advised by most doctors that congestive heart failure sufferers should take a rest and should not exert too much to physical activities. However, this has already changed. Most cardiologist suggest that proper exercise may actually help congestive heart failure sufferers. A regular exercise improves stamina and heart function. You just have to ask your doctor what kind of exercise may best suit you

Biofeedback and Heart Disease Treatment

Most prescriptions given by doctors to congestive heart failure sufferers are vasodilators or medicines that expands the blood vessels. By expanding the blood vessels, more blood are pumped easily. However these drugs may cause side effects.

Biofeedback has been known to create the same results of expanding the blood vessels without any side effects.

Social Support for Heart Disease Patients

People with congestive heart failure who gets emotional support from other people are much more likely to manage their symptoms effectively than those who are not. Create your own support group which may include family members, friends, associates or you may look and join a support group in your local area for people with congestive heart failure.


Home Remedy for Heart Disease Treatment

Try to lose weight. Being overweight raises your chances of raising your blood pressure. Increased in blood pressure brings too much stress to your heart. It would be more difficult to move your blood with that too much extra tissues in your body. So try trimming down on those extra tissues that you have. Eat a healthy diet.

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Ginko biloba is a popular herb used for its many health benefits including blood flow improvement, treatment for memory loss and dementia.

Ginseng is an herbal medicine used as health tonic for the entire body with health benefits for the brain, heart, reproduction and many others.