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Acne treatment by herbs.tea tree oil is a potent herb with antibacterial properties that can deter the development of infection in acne..(more)

Homeopathy treatment for acne In homeopathy, salicea, hepar sulfuris, graphite or kali morianticum are prescribed to treat acne...(more)

Medicine for Acne benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, sulfur or resorcinol are the key ignredients for over-the counter meds for acne..(more)

Acne Treatment Using Tea Tree Oil Herbs

The use of herbal medicine for acne control has been used by native aborigines. Tea tree oil is used to remedy and treat skin infections including acne. Modern science has verified that tea tree oil indeed has some antiseptic effect and can be used for acne control.

You may try health and beauty products currently available in the market that contains tea tree oil. Look for products that contain 100% tea tree oil as its ingredient. Tea tree oil is for topical use only and never intended for ingestion. If upon using products that contain tea tree oil and the condition of your acne persists or worsens, stop using the product.

Homeopathy treatment for acne

Want to try Hoemeopathy remedy for acne? Homeopathy is also used for acne control. If you would ask a practicing homeopath the following substances will be suggested for effective acne control, remedy and treatment;

  • Salicea- acne control for white heads,
  • Hepar Sulfuris- acne control for painful to touch
  • Kali muriaticum- acne control for that acne that produce thick white pus,
  • Graphite- acne cotrol for acne that produce yellowish pus.

To find out which of homeopahtic medicines would work for your acne control, consult a homeopath.

Chinese Medicine for Acne Treatment

Chinese medicine is also used for acne control, remedy and treatment.

In Chinese medicine, acne is attributed to excess Heat that contributes to inflammation and infection. Excess dampness is the cause of pus inside the pimple. Acne and other skin problems are closely linked to lungs and large intestine organ networks.

The typical Chinese medicine recommendation for acne control involves cooling Heat, drying dampness and supporting the Lung and Large intestine organ networks.

In Chinese medicine, it is recommended to eat cooling foods such as fruits and vegetables. It is also advised to avoid heat-generating foods such as spices, meats, and anything fatty. It is widely believed that these cause acne.

The following herbs may be used to remove the heat, honeysuckle, sarsaparilla, forsythia, rhubarb, and sophora. To find out which of these herbs best suit your acne problem, consult your oriental medical doctor.

Treatment for acne using Chinese medicine is endorsed by the World Health Organization. To know more about how acne treatment using acupuncture can help you, consult your acupuncturist.

For self acne treatment and remedy, you may try to use acupressure or by apply a steady penetrating finger pressures to the following points for 3 minutes,

Large Intestine, located at the outer end of the elbow crease on the thumb side.

Large Intestine, located on the back of the hand where the bones of the thumb and index finger meet.

Naturopathy for Acne Treatment

Naturopathy is also used for acne control, remedy, treatment.

Naturopathy is the natural approach in the control and treatment of acne. Skin pores tends to open when heated. Apply warm water to your skin to open up the pores. This would allow oil and dead skin cells to flow out more freely. Ideally the application of warm compresses up to 3 or 4 times a day may help to remedy, treat and cotrol acne.

However be aware that to some people, humidity can aggravate acne. So if you applied warm compresses to your pimple and it gets worse you are one of those few and it is recommended that you stop and look for another alternative treatment.

Over the Counter Drugs for Acne treatment

Acne medicines include over-the-counter drugs that are used as remedy for acne.

Topical acne medicines (applied to the skin) that are in the form of acne cream treatment abound in the medical market. They work either by killing the bacteria (antibacterial) that cause acne or drying up or unclogging the acne.

Acne treatment creams that are available as over-the-counter drugs mostly contain four active ingredients; benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, sulfur or resorcinol. Acne treatment creams that contains benzoyl peroxide works as an effective antibacterial. The other three acne medicine work as plug removers that leads to black heads, pimples or acne. These acne cream treatment dries up the pimple and cause minor scaling.

An acne medicne that cures acne to one may not work to another. That is why the American Pharmaceutical Association suggests to try different acne products to remedy or treat your acne and know for your self which works best for you. Always follow the directions provided for proper use. If acne persists or further irritation or rashes develop, refrain from using it immediately.

Professional Medical Treatment for Acne

Ok, you have already done most of the things that has been discussed about treating acne or pimples with various alternative medicines and still you have that stubborn acne popping out on your skin.

We now suggest that you see your dermatologist to give you a prescription drug to treat your acne. Normally the following acne medicine are prescribed; benzoyl peroxide gels, topical retinoids (tretinoin, Retinin-A), adapalene (Differin), isotretinoin (Accutane), antibiotics, alpha hydroxy acids, azelaic acid (Azelex), and triphasic oral contraceptives

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