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Home Remedy for Eczema relief Some things that you can do to prevent eczema symptoms

Eczema relief by Nutrition and Diet The importance of proper nutrition and diet to people with eczema Avoid foods that tend to trigger eczema outbreaks.

Eczema relief by Supplements Vitamins and minerals supplements may be taken to prevent, and minimize the effect of eczema attacks.

Eczema relief by Visualization Therapy Studies have shown that anxiety and stress are causes of eczema flare-ups. Visualization can help alleviate and prevent the eczema flare-ups and attacks.


Eczema Relief by Home Remedy

Home remedy that can provide relief from eczema symptoms include the following;

  • To relief eczema symptoms, avoid anything that aggravates it.
  • To achieve relief from eczema means staying away from allergens such as dust, pollen, animal dander, etc.
  • Avoid the skin from contacting irritants such as such as clothes made of rough or scratchy fabrics, like wool or synthetic fibers, soaps and detergents, perfumes, cosmetics, lanolin, certain chemicals such as chlorine and solvents (including mineral oil), cigarette smoke, and sand.
  • Avoid scratching or rubbing affected areas. Trim nails to avoid lesions due to scratching.
  • Be aware of emotional stress and try stress-reducing techniques to relieve eczema attacks.
  • To maintain eczema relief, keep your environment cool, with stable temperature and humidity
  • Avoid baths and resort to quick lukewarm showers. Soap and water contributes to dry skin.
  • Moisturize your skin within 3 minutes after taking a shower to provide relief from eczema symptoms. Use a lubricating cream to trap the moisture in the skin, this would prevent the skin from dying immediately.

Eczema Rrelief by Food, Nutrition and Diet

To treat, cure and have eczema relief, avoidance of anything that aggravates the symptoms should be done.

Avoid foods that tend to trigger eczema outbreaks. It is advisable to keep a diary of the foods eaten to identify potential eczema triggers. Foods known to induce eczema attacks include peanuts, milk, soy, fish, and eggs. Foods that are high in saturated fats like milk and full fat dairy products may also be a culprit. Avoid processed foods and sugar.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon, herring and mackerel. Omega-3 fatty acids are known to reduce the body’s production of prostaglandins, a compound associated to inflammation..

Vitamins and Minerals Supplement for Eczema Relief

Omega-3 fatty acid supplements can be taken to provide relief by decreasing the production of prostaglandins that causes inflammation associated to eczema. There are a lot of fish oil supplements that are available in most health stores. This should be taken as directed in the labels.

Evening primrose oil has been found to provide significant relief from eczema. Evening primrose is rich in gamma linolenic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid, has been found to relieve itchiness, dryness and flaking. Most health food stores sells evening primrose oils capsules. Do follow instructions in the label as too much of this may result to disruption of body’s fatty acid balance.

Take some zinc supplements. Eczema is one of the symptoms of zinc deficiency. To take zinc supplements more than 30 milligrams per day, this should be under medical supervision.

Probiotics, or "good" bacteria, are bacteria that inhabit the intestines and protect against the proliferation of "bad" organisms that can cause disease. Studies suggest that babies of mothers who took probiotics while being pregnant and breastfeeding were less likely to have eczema in the first two years of life. Lactobacillus species is the more popular used probiotics.


Visualization Technique Provide eczema Relief

Studies have shown that anxiety and stress are causes of eczema flare-ups. Visualization can help alleviate and prevent the eczema flare-ups and attacks and bring relief from its symptoms. The following suggested exercise is recommended by Dr. Gerald Epstein M.D. director of the Academy of Integrative Medicine and Mental Surgery in Newyork City as found in the book Blended Medicine by Michael Castleman to have some relief from eczema symptoms.

Close your eyes and take three deep breaths. Imagine your fingers becoming palm leaves. Gently place your palm leaves on the areas with eczema. Imagine that your palm leaves are filled with honey that flows over your itchy skin and healing it. Envision that your skin becomes clear and healthy. Open your eyes.

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